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Theresa Tait is the Founder and Director of the Muscle and Movement Company. Theresa came from a management background in accounts and finance, with her first degree in Business Studies.  She then went on to become a Company Director in Recycling and became a Chartered Waste Manager.  At this time she began studying massage, initially holistic massage and was captivated by what it can do for the body.  Life then changed for her and the perfect opportunity at the EICA:Ratho appeared allowing her to become a Massage Therapist working from her own clinic at an incredible venue.  From there she became interested in Sports Injuries and Clinical Massage also becoming an expert in soft tissue climbing injuries and has went on to research climbing injuries as part of her second degree, making her one of the highest qualified practitioners in her field.  She has since become a Sports Therapist as well as a Clinical and Medical Massage Therapist dealing with soft tissue pathologies.

Theresa makes it well known that she loves her work and knows how fortunate she is to work with incredible people.  She has a passion for learning what the body can do and how it works, stating "I never cease to be amazed at how incredible each person and body I work with, actually is".  Theresa has helped hundreds of people deal with musculo-skeletal pain, and as long as her hands are still working, will continue to help hundreds more.

"It is not only athletes and muscle balance that is dealt with in the clinic, all types of people walk through the clinic door, perhaps it is to help with tension and stress, perhaps its IT-Band friction Syndrome, or maybe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but it is a real pleasure to be in a position to understand and help people."

Theresa is presently working with many therapists to bring a higher level of professional recognition to the type of work that she and other therapists are doing in Britain, the benefits of such could be fantastic and a great help to thousands of people.

Theresa Tait MTI BA Dip ACMT
Sport, Remedial & Therapeutic Massage (link to website)

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Theresa Tait
The Muscle and Movement Company